I first saw Star Trek in 1969 and instantly became a fan. Its stories appealed to my love of science fiction and then there was the fact that I also fell for Mr Spock. The wonderful relationship between the gorgeous Vulcan and his Captain is for me the essence of the programme.

My Star Trek stories have been published in various British and American fanzines, including those I published myself during the 1990's. All of my stories are now available via this web site.


A Gift Beyond Price -Kirk's first mission
Kindred Spirit -Sequel to Gift Beyond Price
Chosen Brother -Sequel to Chosen Brother
The T'Varon Chronicles -An Alternate Universe series
Bondbrothers -A T'Varon story
Book of Prophecy -Alternate Universe Fantasy story
Kings of Prophecy -Sequel to Book of Prophecy
Star Born -A Starfleet Academy story
Slave World - Alien Planet story
Children of the Sun - Alien Planet Story
Shadows of the Mirror - A Mirror Universe Story
Prince of Vulcan -Sequel to Shadows of the Mirror
Short stories
Zine Art


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