During the 1970's before the days of video recorders, I was a big fan of this programme. On release of the dvd box sets over the last few years I lapped up these episodes many of which I had not seen since originally broadcast. I could not believe the quality of the acting, the stories and the wonderful relationship between the two guys and I fell in love with them all over again.

I was delighted to find a large fandom on the internet and decided to write my first Starsky and Hutch story.( "A New Dimension") After that a sequel was inevitable ("Chameleon") The others followed. Apart from "Stakeout", and "Temptation", these stories are all prequels to the pilot episode and are listed in chronological order. I hope you enjoy them.

My thanks to Maggie for her sterling beta work on my S and H stories and her wonderful graphics throughout the site.

A New Dimension.:- During Starsky and Hutch's first case as partners, Hutch's parents come to town with disastrous results for both men.
Chameleon:- Sequel to 'A New Dimension'. Whilst Starsky recovers, Hutch struggles to cope on the streets without him.
Death by Starlight Whilst undercover Starsky discovers that being half-naked is not as much fun as he thought it would be.
Echoes From the Past : - A cop-killing brings back painful memories for Starsky.
Family Ties:- A reluctant Hutch goes home to Duluth to attend his sister's wedding.
Good Cop, Bad Cop:- Starsky and Hutch clash with a bigoted detective.
Stakeout :- Starsky tells Hutch to 'shut up'.
Temptation - A deli robbery has unforeseen repercussions.
Anniversary - Starsky and Hutch have been partners for a year. How will they celebrate?
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